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  • Preis: UVP 36.000,00 € Stück
  • Eigenschaft: Mono Endstufe
  • Detailinformationen: stehen im Downloadbereich zur Verfügung
  • Frequenzgang: 5Hz to 100kHz (+0dB, –3dB, 8Ω)
  • Gewicht: 62kg
  • Abmessung (HBT): 491x221,5x536mm
  • Dauer-Ausgangsleistung: 300W (8Ω), 600W (4Ω)
Master Amplification – A New Era

Transforming the full range of music from dignified silence to surging passion, a new milestone in amplifiers brings together wisdom and technology. Esoteric’s Grandioso M1 “X” Edition.

Dynamic Soundscape

As the music starts to play, the presence of the audio component disappears into the background and the excitement of the listening experience is revealed; a place where the music is unleashed in all its dynamism and majestic scale. By introducing an inordinate number of new materials, particularly the completely redesigned drive stage and power supply section, the M1X’s New signature sound provides music with an extra dimension.

Ultimate Fidelity

Esoteric, as a high-end brand, has been at the forefront of audio innovation. Along with the Grandioso C1X linestage preamp, Esoteric challenges the limits of fidelity in preamp to amplifier signal transmission. Esoteric's unique current transmission system “ES-Link Analog” is the ideal method for preamp to amplifier transmission where the signal level is extremely low. Compared to the conventional voltage transmission, it transmits approximately 100 times more current, making it less susceptible to noise and sending the full energy of the music to the amplifier.
Also, in principle, it is not affected by the impedance of of the interconnects running between the preamp and amplifier, so it is possible to maintain a perfect integrity between the output signal of the preamp and the input signal to the amplifier.


The all-new drive stage has been expanded in size by 150%, from 6 to 12 parallels, while boasting an astonishing power linearity from 300W/8Ω to 2,400W/1Ω*. It delivers sufficient current in a perfect correspondence with the change of load level, effectively meaning you won’t need to concern yourself over what speakers you can use. Now, you can enjoy the true sound of the original master, even on music with a wide dynamic range.
*Only for music signals.

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