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  • Preis: UVP 21.000,00 €
  • Eigenschaft: Laufwerk Super Audio CD, CD (inklusive CD-R und CD-RW)
  • Gewicht: 31 kg
  • Abmessung (HBT): 162 × 445 × 437mm
  • Spannungsversorgung: AC 230V, 50Hz AC 120V, 60Hz AC 220V, 60Hz
  • Leistungsaufnahme: 23W
  • Eingänge: Clock Input: BNC x 2 Clock synchronization frequencies: 44.1 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 10 MHz, 22.5792 MHz
  • Ausgänge: ES-LINK Outputs: × 2 (L: 1 / R : 1), XLR output: x 2 (Use 2 terminals for Dual AES output), RCA output: x 1
  • Ausstattung: Remote control unit (RC-1315) × 1, Batteries (AAA) × 2, HDMI cable × 1, Power cord set × 1, Felt pads × 4, Owner’s manual × 1, Warranty card × 1

Every component of the new P-02X Super Audio CD Transport has been thoroughly upgraded from its previous generation to realize a premium device featuring the ultimate in mechanical, power supply and circuit designs.

Virtually every component of the new P-02X, save its drive mechanism drive circuit and VS-DD spindle servo, has been thoroughly revised and upgraded from its P-02 base model with the goal of squeezing the Grandioso P1’s dual-chassis configuration into a single unit without compromise. Its highly regarded VRDS-NEO transport mechanism employs the same bearing design as the P1, and integrates condensed versions of the P1’s digital and clock circuitry.

P1 technology also features in the P-02X’s exceptional power supply circuitry, which is equipped with a total of four toroidal transformers providing power to the VS-DD, transport drive circuit, digital output circuitry and clock circuit. Like the P1, these circuits ensure a cleaner and more stable supply of DC power. On the operating side, the introduction of ES-LINK4 provides a wider band of digital transmission, while its advanced clock circuit achieves higher accuracy for higher sound quality.

Highly Refined VRDS-NEO VMK-3.5-20S Transport

Esoteric is justifiably proud of its advanced VRDS-NEO transport, which achieves significant improvements in reading accuracy with its highprecision turntable, optimized for both CDs and Super Audio CDs, and mechanical correction of disc surface irregularities. The P-02X’s new VRDS-NEO VMK-3.5-20S transport features a highly refined drive circuit design. The spindle shaft bearing assembly is supported by a pair of specially selected high-precision steel ball bearings, while its duralumin turntable, machined to micron-level accuracy, and 20mm-thick steel turntable bridge weigh a total of 5.2kg (12kg if the chassis’ rigid steel base is included).

Inherited from Esoteric’s legendary P-0 CD transport, the P-02X’s coreless three-phase brushless spindle motor is driven by a high magnetic flux density magnet and utilizes thread feed control for its sliding shaft pickup to maintain the laser beam at a precise right angle to the disc. These features combine with a whisper-quiet tray shutter mechanism* to ensure the ultimate in precision and accuracy.
* The shutter automatically closes and locks itself into the front panel when the tray is in its stored position, shielding it from the effects of external sound pressure and vibration, etc., on sound quality.

VS-DD* Spindle Servo Driver

The P-02X’s dedicated VS-DD spindle servo driver provides power to the spindle motor that lies at the core of the VRDS-NEO mechanism. Its three-channel discrete amplifier circuit optimizes the waveform of the current supplied to the motor, suppressing vibration, and enabling smooth spindle drive operation and highly precise servo control. Its dedicated toroidal power supply further improves noise isolation.
* VS-DD = VRDS Spindle Discrete Driver

A Massive Investment in Materials, Inside and Out

The interior of the chassis features a double-deck structure and optimized 3D chassis construction that allows all circuit blocks to be connected with the shortest signal path possible. Its exterior case is formed from thick aluminum panels, and its 5mm-thick steel bottom plate is supported at four points on Esoteric’s exclusive pinpoint feet.
Vibration transmission has also been effectively minimized by the highprecision laser slot processing used in the manufacture of its rigid base.

A Selection of Digital Outputs

The P-02X’s digital outputs are conveyed through three types of connectors (2 ES-LINK, 2 XLR & 1 coaxial), including new dedicated ES-LINK4 HDMI ports and dual XLR connectors that maintain compatibility with earlier versions of ES-LINK.

Organic EL Displays

Both units feature smooth-operating, low-consumption electroluminescent (EL) displays that are eminently suited to such state-of-the-art components.

High-Quality Remote Control With a Luxurious Feel

The P-02X’s RC1315 Remote Controller is constructed from a thick panel of solid aluminum. The brushed finish on its control panel matches that of the unit’s front panel and offers a luxurious feel of the highest quality.

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